Studio Fitness has a wide range of expertise and practical experience with special  populations including: Seniors, Youth Fitness, Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Women,  Diabetics, Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Specific, Circuit Training, Functional / Core  Training, and Weight loss or Weight Gain.  We want you to be fit and fabulous for
 your lifetime.     


One on One :

It's all about you! During these sessions, your trainer will design and implement a workout program tailored to your
specific needs. Regular assessments will be done to make sure you achieve your goals in an accelerated time period.
30 and 60 minute sessions are available.

Tandem 2PPL (Partner) Training Sessions:

Exercising with a friend / spouse is fun! This cost-effective program will incorporate individual and dual exercises to
get results for both of you. We recommend training with a partner who is at a similar fitness level to yours.
60 minute sessions are available.

12 Session Packages are also available.


Group Cycling

Cycling is a unique, indoor, group stationary program. The Cycling program brings the elements of athletic training to people of all ages and fitness levels and is not just a "hard-core" fitness program for elite athletes. Instead, this efficient, high-energy group exercise integrates music, camaraderie and visualization in a complete mind-body exercise routine.

Indoor cycle classes provide coaching and motivation to great music, a high calorie burn, improvement in cardiovascular endurance and lower body toning. Cycling can be performed at a beginner level to an advanced level all in one class format. Instructors are well trained to offer each participant the level of challenge they need to get the most out of their workout.

Indoor Cycle programming can be beneficial for many reasons:

500-800 calories burned per hour, lower body toning and a class that requires no coordination. The classes are smaller in size, allowing for the instructor to carefully monitor form and progress.

Cycling classes are among the most popular group exercises. Each 45 minute class (class length may vary) is taught by an instructor who leads the class through varying stationary cycling routines. The class provides a great cardio workout and plenty of motivation along with great music.



Studio Fitness Corporate Training service has the distinct advantage of COMING TO YOU at a time that suits your business
operation. Our Trainer’s have the talent to motivate and invigorate your staff.

In just one hour we guarantee all the participants in our "60 MINUTE BODY CRUNCH "program will not only feel better,
but will look forward to the next session.

Our Trainer’s make the experience a fun and motivating part of our client’s day.


At Studio Fitness there is a genuine concern to give clients total UN-distracted attention. When it comes to meeting clients objectives we apply skills, knowledge, creativity,  integrity, and devotion to professional excellence. The greatness of Studio Fitness lies in the ability to provide the best possible service for all clients.
Studio Fitness, Inc. is a registered Health Studio with the State of Florida.